Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco, CA

A 7000 seat capacity venue, leased to Another Planet for 10 years in July 2010.  APE was to invest $10 million in seating and acoustic improvements.  Thus the remodel would be subject to the more recent (and specific) 2010 ADA Standards.
There often is a platform on the floor for ADA floor views.   Upstairs there are areas for ADA which provide adequate viewing over those in front, regardless of whether they are standing.  The best seating we have found in that regard.  Since some ADA areas have side views, the sound may be from one side.  Sound rating would be a 5 if you are in a centered seating area, but most are side areas.  Locating informed staff support can be challenging.  There is no separate entry nor any help for wheelchairs upon entry.   This can be a major problem as APE staff will force wheel chairs to stand in long lines across streets and into the adjacent park.

Support by Staff