Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View California

As of September 6, 2015.

Seating type: reserved with general admission lawn area.  Capacity 22,500.


Seating: there are areas at the top rows of the 100s section for ADA. These areas are on the far sides of the seating.  View and sound are affected by extreme side seating. Your view will be affected if the crowd is standing for the performance. While Shoreline did remove the seats from the row in front of the HC seats, those in the row in front of that area will block your view. There are also ADA seats in the front center of the 200s sections.  There is an elevator.  These seats are center view with center sound. 

Support by Staff

Note: View rating is an average of 3 based on Rating=2 for side 100s seats and a 4 for the center 200s seats.

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