Fair Grounds Race Course, LA

A venue used for Jazz Fest 2024. Widespread Panic performed.

View: WC users: if you have the option to bring power chair, it is highly recommended. Inconsistency of terrain is difficult with push chair. First thing upon entry is find ADA booth where they will give you proper wristband credential. Without it you will not have access to ADA areas. Credential was not provided with ticket purchase and you need it to get where you want to go.

Sound: Sound will be better towards the back. It receives a better stereo sound than does the front.

Support: ADA bracelet is mandatory to get access to any ADA area and not all box office or other staff know that. They should but some don’t and if you do not get the bracelet you will not get where you want to go.

Overall: Box office and staff need to be on same page and not waste ADA person’s precious time and energy.

Support by Staff