The Masonic San Francisco California

The Masonic was remodeled in 2014 with a capacity of 3300 for a GA shows and somewhat less for the reserved seated shows.


Floor level: ADA seating on the floor is poorly done given the fact that they remodeled the whole area. ADA seating is on the side of stage left. No center seats. ADA seating on the floor would not be satisfactory if people on the floor are standing.   There is no elevation difference between the seats so anyone standing will obstruct your view.  There are ADA places on the sides of the floor which give a view mostly of the side of the stage.   There are a couple of locations behind the pit area chairs and in front of the rows of folding chairs which would provide a viewing angle.  There is about 4′ from the rear of the pit chairs to the HC space.  Sitting in the ADA space would result in a view over the rear pit chairs.


Balcony level: There are other ADA seats on the top row of the balcony where they remove seats to provide a flat area for a wheelchair as needed. If someone stands in front of you, your view is blocked. No elevated seating.

Support by Staff

Balcony Level Views from ADA seats in section 6



Floor level view from ADA seats on floor

Masonic Floor Accessible Seating View

View from accessible seating area on Masonic floor.